Great software for translating any text quickly

I wish I had found this software before. It is called Q Translate. Download from the creator’s website here 💾

The reason I love this software is because it saves so much time. I am constantly dealing with multiple languages. What I can do is select any text on my computer and instantly translate it or listen to it. (There is no need to open up a browser and use a translatation website.)

From their website: “QTranslate is a free translator for Windows. With this small utility, you simply select the text you want to translate and then press the hot key ( Ctrl+Q to show translation in the popup window or Double Ctrl click to show the translation in the main window). QTranslate also has the ability to speak text Ctrl+E and perform a dictionary search Ctrl+Shift+Q . Also, you can open the main window and type text manually.”

In case the software someday is not free, here is a link to version

Great software for streaming games or other applications from one computer to another

This sofware is called Parsec. It works very well and highly recommend it.


Pure Text - For pasting plain text in Windows

Isn’t it so irritating when text is pasted with formatting that causes so many problems?

MacOs has a built in shortcut for this: Just copy your text into the clipboard and then press Command+Option+Shift+V on your keyboard.

For Windows you have to use this utility called Pure Text. I set my hotkey to be Windows+Insert which seems to work well for me.

Pure Text Installed via Windows Store